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Orthomosaic image of acreage

Unlike a single aerial photo from a camera aimed straight down from over the center of your property, an orthomosaic provides extreme detail across the entire property, without perspective distortion. An orthomosaic has millions of pixels that were derived from hundreds of aerial images. Zoom in to see things/features as small as a quarter. Use it to measure and consider development options. Get one in winter, and again in summer to prove wetland boundaries. Have it enlarged for display in your home! First, Aerial Whidbey programs a drone to scan your property. Next is the drone flight when the weather is good. Then the drone's hundreds of camera images are processed with Swiss photogrammetry software. Finally, you can browse the orthomosaic with viewing software to look straight down from any point above the property, and zoom in to fine details. Many factors affect job pricing. Contact Aerial Whidbey to discuss your needs.

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