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Aerial inspections

A spherical 360-degree image from the air is ideal for safely and quickly getting close to a problem area while providing visual location context. Inspections can be as close as 3 feet!

  • Look around with a mouse by click and drag in any direction. Zoom with the mouse wheel.  

  • With a touch-screen, spread or squeeze with two fingers.

See sightlines before building

A spherical 360-degree image is ideal for envisioning the views from a window or deck, depending on house placement and height. If you look straight down, see the ground target. The Aerial Whidbey operator guided the drone to hover 20 feet above the target to capture the image.

Creative Options

Aerial Whidbey has also produced spherical 360-degree videos while the camera was stationary, and while it was flown under a drone. Consider the unique possibilities and limitations. Wildlife action? Aerial tours that put you in control as though you are a bird looking around, pausing in air as desired? If there is a specific business interest, several examples of true 360 spherical videos can be shown through an online meeting or as hosted on Vimeo.

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