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Reduce Project Costs. Avoid Cost Overruns. Better Outcomes.

Is there a better way to move toward a common vision for a property?

To focus conversations about areas of the property?

About the property as a whole?

How could a project have the best communications among participants and stakeholders?

Have you considered progressive 3D geospatial models of the property?

  • See every thing on the property from any viewpoint.

  • Easily focus on objects/features as small as a dime.

  • Measure distance, area and material volume.

  • See elevations and topographic contours.

  • See inundation at increasing elevations.

  • See directions of rainwater drainage.

  • Line-of-sight from any view point.

  • What-if's using alternative layers.

  • Export to CAD or GIS software.

  • See property changes over time!

  • Aerial Whidbey is a leading provider of this advanced capability.

  • Team members can explore the model from wherever they are.

  • Get screenshot views of the model to support conversations. 

  • Meeting attendees can share their views of the model, "live". 

  • See Aerial Whidbey's examples under 'Projects' in the menu.


  • Programmed aerial property scanning, followed by 3D geospatial model development

  • Programmed and operator-guided aerial videos and photos
    > Examples on the Video tab of the Aerial Whidbey channel on YouTube

  • Aerial 360-degree spherical images and videos

  • Ground-level 360-degree images and videos

  • See 'Services' in the menu

The video below was not made with a drone. It is an animation as though flying through a 3D geospatial model that was developed from 200+ aerial images from a scan flight over the area. Full Screen mode (lower right) provides more detail.

An aerial 360-degree spherical image is ideal for getting safely and quickly close to a problem area while providing visual location context. Look around with a mouse by click and drag in any direction. Zoom with the mouse wheel. With a touch-screen, spread or squeeze with two fingers.

An aerial 360-degree spherical image is ideal for previewing the views from a planned window or deck.

Aerial Whidbey has been creating effective cinematic video productions since 2016.

Check out the many videos in the Video tab of Aerial Whidbey's YouTube channel.

Clinton, Washington, United States. Serving Whidbey Island and Mukilteo.

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