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About Aerial Whidbey LLC

  • Established 13 November 2016 on Whidbey Island in Clinton, Washington.

  • Registered in (UEI Z2DPNXK4QT93, CAGE Code 89W63).

  • Registered in MRSC

  • Owner holds an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate for Commercial Operation.

  • Reach out to discuss a training program for your employees. Leverage years of advanced experience to cut your program startup time and avoid costly mistakes in the office and in the field.  Aerial Whidbey's extensive Standard Operating Procedures can be tailored to your company's equipment, software, systems and requirements.

  • Company history

    • April 2012:  Began assembling aerial and ground-level drone systems for civilian applications.

    • November 2012:  Launched, a standardized technical vocabulary for the drone industry.

    • November 2016:  Launched Aerial Whidbey LLC with US-designed drone systems from 3D Robotics.

    • September 2018:  Imported one of the first KlauPPK systems in the US, from Klau Geomatics in Australia.

    • April 2019:  Began periodic drone scanning and photogrammetry 3D modeling to measure sand volume losses from the base of a dike on Puget Sound with extraordinary accuracy (typically better than 3 cm in X/Y/Z axes).

    • Developed a proven system and process for repetitive, accurate modeling of acres of shore properties to measure and record changes in shore sediment, vegetation, and human-made structures.

    • May 2022:  Authored the Monitoring and Adaptive Management Plan for Island County Diking District 1. The Plan was released to the WA State Department of Ecology and the US Army Corps of Engineers for distribution to many regulatory agencies and other stakeholders in the restoration project. The dike area is to be monitored until 2037, primarily through use of aerial imagery and data as supplied by Aerial Whidbey.

    • June 2023:  Authored the 2023 MAMP Annual Monitoring Report, first of 15 Annual Monitoring Reports for Island County Diking District 1.

    • When civil engineering and/or registered land surveying accuracy is not required, Aerial Whidbey deploys small, programmable drones from France for quiet operation, high quality and least risk to people or property.

  • Disclaimer:

    • Development of programmable drones, structure-from-motion photogrammetry software, and airborne LiDAR technology has led to faster, easier and safer ability to get data about the location and elevation of millions of small points on the surface of a parcel of land. 

    • ​General topography information about Washington State is readily available. It is general in nature and is not an official record of any kind. Aerial Whidbey LLC (AW) is not a Land Surveyor in Washington State. Topographic information as provided by AW is within this group of information, and is not meant to be used in any record or contract, or for an official purpose unless it has been reviewed, proven and approved by a Land Surveyor. AW does not represent nor guarantee the information to be accurate to any measure. The information is to be used at one’s own risk.

    • The owner of Aerial Whidbey, LLC is not representing as a Registered Professional Land Surveyor nor as a land-surveyor-in-training in the State of Washington, AND, the supplied data is not guaranteed to be accurate for legal records to any measure, AND, the supplied data has NOT been reviewed, proven and approved by a Land Surveyor for the purpose of preparing accurate legal records of topography of land, topographical delineations of land, or topographic maps of land.

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Bull Kelp as sensed by a near-IR camera

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