Aerial Whidbey LLC

  • Small Business established 13 November 2016

  • Registered in Federal SAM

  • DUNS 016636637

  • CAGE Code 89W63

  • NAICS Codes 541614, 541990, 541370, 541922

  • Based near the Bayview area of Whidbey Island, Washington State, US.

  • Established Washington State UBI and Federal EIN.

  • Listed on Island County's roster of potential service providers.

  • Listed on several Washington State MRSC Rosters.

  • John Githens, LLC owner, is the primary operator of multiple small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs).

    • Holds FAA-issued Remote Pilot Certificate for commercial operation.

    • Experienced, responsible and insured.

    • Professional background in engineering, information systems and project leadership.

    • Developed robotic drone systems since early 2013, following 28 years in The Boeing Company.

    • Operates several kinds of programmable drones, weighing from 0.7  to 4.3 to 8.5 pounds.

  • Provides full 4K resolution video editing services using aerial and ground footage, including captions, soundtracks. 

  • Programs drones (not the typical consumer drone-from-a-box) that can repeat a flight pattern or return to a point in air with with high accuracy and as often as needed to deliver aerial media products including:

    • one-time, seasonal or annual videos;

    • aerial snapshot images (photos);

    • image mosaics (created from multiple images to form a detailed "map" of a horizontal or vertical area);

    • near-infrared (NIR) videos and images to identify inadequate stabilizing vegetation on bluffs, beaches and home landscaping. NIR videos and images in winter are ideal for documenting flooded vs. non-flooded areas. 

  • Works with clients and wildlife experts to mitigate concerns about safety, property boundaries, privacy, operating noise, and potential harm to birds or other wildlife. 

Where is too close to the edge of a bluff
Where is too close to the edge of a bluff
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Shoreline property
Shoreline property
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NIR to detect floating kelp bulbs
NIR to detect floating kelp bulbs
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