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Accurate tree inventory

Have the best information for discussions with Island County or an insurance claims agent. Need an accurate tree inventory? Aerial Whidbey can provide an example orthomosaic of a 10-acre property. Individual tree crowns and identifying characteristics indicate the quantities of live trees by species. The orthomosaic file enables incredible zoom in to details, unlike fuzzy, old satellite or airplane imagery. In addition to an orthomosaic, Aerial Whidbey can assemble a multimedia visual record (aerial snapshots, videos, 360 degree spherical images) about your property's tree inventory, storm damage, fire damage, roof/gutter condition, bluff edge collapse/risk, seasonal wetland extent, septic drainfield performance, tree disease extent, hazardous material spill or other cases where a visual record would be beneficial. Aerial Whidbey offers a mix of techniques for delivering visual records to best match your situation. Contact us to discuss the many options.

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