Aerial Whidbey LLC

  • Small Business established 13 November 2016

  • Registered in Federal SAM

  • DUNS 016636637

  • CAGE Code 89W63

  • NAICS Codes 541614, 541990, 541370, 541922

  • Based near the Bayview area of Whidbey Island, Washington State, US.

  • Established Washington State UBI and Federal EIN.

  • Listed on Island County's roster of potential service providers.

  • Listed on several Washington State MRSC Rosters.

  • John Githens, LLC owner, is the primary operator of multiple small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs).

    • Holds FAA-issued Remote Pilot Certificate for commercial operation.

    • Experienced, responsible and insured.

    • Professional background in engineering, information systems and project leadership.

    • Developed robotic drone systems since early 2013, following 28 years in The Boeing Company.

    • Operates several kinds of programmable drones, weighing from 0.7  to 4.3 to 8.5 pounds.

  • Provides full 4K resolution video editing services using aerial and ground footage, including captions, soundtracks. 

  • Programs drones (not the typical consumer drone-from-a-box) that can repeat a flight pattern or return to a point in air with with high accuracy and as often as needed to deliver aerial media products including:

    • one-time, seasonal or annual videos;

    • aerial snapshot images (photos);

    • image mosaics (created from multiple images to form a detailed "map" of a horizontal or vertical area);

    • near-infrared (NIR) videos and images to identify inadequate stabilizing vegetation on bluffs, beaches and home landscaping. NIR videos and images in winter are ideal for documenting flooded vs. non-flooded areas. 

  • Works with clients and wildlife experts to mitigate concerns about safety, property boundaries, privacy, operating noise, and potential harm to birds or other wildlife. 

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