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What do you want to see from above? Know from above?

Aerial Whidbey offers:

  • Orthomosaic images. An undistorted, incredibly detailed photo image of everything that is on a shoreline or inland property. Use to evaluate beach, bluff, wetland, tree, building, road and land conditions as small as a dime. Includes hundreds of 4K photos used to develop the orthomosaic.

  • Detailed topographical imagery. See exactly where water drains and pools on a property. Aerial Whidbey offers a 3D reality model showing the detailed topographic contours and slopes. Use to solve drainage problems and plan land improvements. Request follow-ups to track changes.

  • Aerial 360-degree spherical photo images. Unless you are a bird, there's no better way to see what's happening on a steep property. Zoom in to a problem area on a bluff as though you were parked in the air and able to look in any direction. Use to coordinate mediation contractor jobs.

  • Drone videos and photos. Original aerial images and produced videos for advertising.

Real Estate Owners, Managers, Developers, Project Managers

  • Bluff landslide inspection. See what you can't from the bluff edge, from the beach or from a rope.

  • Beach erosion inspection. Know where erosion damage is happening, how much and how fast.

  • Wetland extent confirmation. Have the best evidence of seasonal changes for permitting.

  • Forest management. Know the species, health and GPS coordinates of each tree on a digital map.

  • Planning for preservation or development. See and show property details from many viewpoints.

  • Project management. See, track, show and discuss progress and problems across the site. 

  • Why not contact us for a demo?

    • Aerial 360-degree spherical images. Like you are there, in the air, looking around.

    • 3-dimensional digital reality models. See the state of a property from any direction, in incredible detail, with much more utility than you can get from aerial photos, videos or a 2D drone map.

    • See the Home, Projects and other pages.


Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Business Owners

  • Promotional aerial/drone and interior photos and cinematic videos.

  • Example videos on the Aerial Whidbey YouTube channel (Video tab).

  • For a quote, send us the parcel/property description through the Contact page.

Professional aerial and ground images of real estate property.

Based in Clinton, on Whidbey Island, in Washington State

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