Property, Projects and People

Is there a better way to move toward a common vision for a property?

To focus conversations about areas of the property?

About the property as a whole?

How could a project have the best communications with participants and stakeholders?

Have you considered progressive 3D geospatial models of the property?

  • See every thing on the property from any direction or angle

  • Zoom in to see objects/features as small as a quarter

  • Measure distances, areas and material volumes

  • See elevations and topographic contours

  • See inundation at increasing elevations

  • See directions of rainwater drainage

  • Line-of-sight from any view point

  • What-if's using alternative layers

  • Export to CAD or GIS software

  • See property changes over time

  • Aerial Whidbey is a leading provider of this advanced capability.

  • Anyone with view-only access to a model can look around in the model and send screenshots to support a conversation, with minimal learning and cost. 

  • See 'Projects' in the menu


  • Programmed aerial property scanning, followed by 3D geospatial model development

  • Programmed and operator-guided aerial videos and photos
    Examples on the Video tab of the Aerial Whidbey channel on YouTube

  • Aerial 360 spherical images and videos

  • Ground-level 360 spherical images and videos

  • See 'Services' in the menu

The video below was not made with a drone. It is an animation as though flying through a 3D geospatial model that was developed from 200+ aerial images from a scan flight over the area. Full Screen mode (lower right) provides more detail.

A spherical 360-degree image is ideal for getting close to a problem area while providing visual location context. 

Look around with a mouse by click and drag in any direction. Zoom with the mouse wheel.  

With a touch-screen, spread or squeeze with two fingers.

A spherical 360-degree image is also ideal for previewing the views from a planned window or deck.

Aerial Whidbey has been creating effective cinematic video productions since 2016.

Check out the many videos in the Video tab of Aerial Whidbey's YouTube channel.