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South Hidden Beach and Bluff

Areas of interest are labeled A through H in the image below. Spherical 360 degree images follow.

Location of 360 Spherical Images near South Hidden Beach Drive - 2022.jpg

Area C.

Mouse? Click and drag in any direction; zoom with mouse wheel.  Touch-screen? Spread or squeeze with two fingers.

Area E

Area F.  Image 1 of 2.

Area F. Image 2 of 2.

Area G

Area H. Image 1 of 3.

Area H. Image 2 of 3.

Area H. Image 3 of 3.

Optional additional information products

Below was not a video made with a drone. It is an animation as though flying around a 3D digital twin (3D model) of the shoreline area, developed from 200+ aerial images. Full Screen mode (lower right) provides more detail.

Satellite imagery recorded in August 2020

Google Earth imagery 15 August 2020.jpg

A winter orthomosaic, combined with a digital surface model, enables distance and area measurements for mitigation.

2022-02-12 SHB enh Model_transparent_mosaic_group1 (2).jpg

Exact match of Aerial Whidbey's Digital Twin (recorded in Winter 2022) to satellite imagery in August 2020.

Match of Digital Twin to Google Earth summer satellite imagery.jpg

View of the 3D Digital Twin, focused on a slide area.

SHB bare earth area in orthomosaic view (2).jpg

Contours indicate current drainage directions

SHB bare earth area in orthomosaic view with 1 foot contours (2).jpg

One (1) of 200+ photo images as recorded by the drone at 300 feet above the road. Scroll down for more...

1 of 200 photos.JPG

How the area looks when seen in the 2D orthomosaic produced with photogrammetry software

2D Orthomosaic view (2).jpg

How the area looks when seen from one of almost-infinite possible viewpoints in the 3D digital twin of the area

3D view of heights and elevations.jpg
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