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3D geospatial model of acreage

After a programmed drone scan flight over a property, Aerial Whidbey develops a 3D geospatial model that includes an orthomosaic file and a surface model file. The model typically includes millions of pixels, and allows magnification to see things as small as a quarter. Imagine looking at a 3D model of a property from any viewpoint, direction, angle or level of magnification. The model captures the reality of the property's appearance on the flight date. Subsequent flights and models enable measurement and tracking of changes across the property. Software tutorials are provided to quickly enable browsing a model to look around and zoom in as desired. Examples and more information is under 'Projects' in the main menu.

This service is not a substitute for the services of a Registered Professional Licensed Surveyor (see the Disclaimer on the 'About' page).

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