Sell high-bluff real estate property

Aerial videos help potential buyers visualize the setting for their future home, and the views they could have some day. Buyers can then use the videos to work with an architect and builder toward achieving their vision of a home with beautiful views and landscaping.​


Aerial Whidbey's drones are programmed for autopilot flight and camera control, allowing flights to be repeated in the same way and as often as desired, weather permitting. Now you have a way to see, compare and share how the lot or acreage looks through the seasons. Aerial Whidbey has many hours of experience launching and landing drones from beaches with trees, from the top of wooded bluffs, and from places with minimal access to the sky (narrow openings among tall trees).


The four (4) videos below are just a sample of what is possible from the air, anywhere in FAA or other approved airspace from 10' to 399' up.