Avoid climbing:  Inspect your roof without a ladder

How soon will we need a new roof?

Do we have moss that needs to be removed?

Was our roof damaged during the last storm?

Is it wise to climb a ladder and walk on my roof?

Now you can see what's happening on your roof without climbing up.

  • Don't be part of the next tragedy by falling off your roof or a ladder.


Watch the video below and share >this link to the video< with anyone. Enjoy the soundtrack.

Unique, affordable roof inspection video that enables rapid estimates for roof, gutter or chimney cleaning, repair or replacement, without the risk of falling from a ladder or damaging the roof or gutters. This is the safest, most informative way to see for yourself before deciding to get bids from cleaning, roofing, painting or remodeling contractors. Why not avoid putting yourself or anyone else at risk? (Much less expensive than a trip to the Emergency Room.)
Example video and more below.

Inspect your roof without climbing a ladder or walking on the roof.

  • An aerial video is the safest, most informative way to see what's up there.

  • AW's cameras provide overviews and closeups of any problem areas.

  • AW's typical package includes snapshots to help you improve your landscaping.

  • Use it to decide if it is time to have your roof cleaned, repaired or replaced.

  • Use it to get bids from roofing, painting, remodeling or other contractors.

  • Use it to avoid putting yourself, partner, family member or a business at risk.

  • More information.

Don't want to risk ...

  • ... falling while climbing a tall ladder?

  • ... falling while walking on the roof, particularly near the gutters?

  • ... causing unseen damage and future leaks by walking on the roof shingles/tiles?

Want to know for yourself, before reaching out to get bids from contractors?​​

  • damaged, loose or missing tiles

  • areas where moss should be removed

  • fallen branches or excessive fir needles

  • damaged chimney or other roof vent

  • sagging gutters or damaged fascia

  • damaged skylights or light tubes

  • when to admit that it's time invest in a new roof.

Aerial Whidbey offers the safest and fastest way to get answers without the risk of anyone climbing a ladder or walking on the roof. After a short drone flight, you can have a package of videos and snapshots that clearly shows:

  1. your entire roof and nearby landscaping

  2. your roof and gutters as seen from each side of the house

  3. close-ups of chimneys and other roof vents

  4. close-ups of potential problem areas (moss, debris, tile curling)

Here's what you can do after you have your package:

  • Send it to one or more contractors to get estimates 
    This package virtually eliminates the need for a contractor to visit your property to develop a job quote, and increases your chances of obtaining the help you need, when you need it, for a reasonable price. A quality roofing contractor can use this package with a roof estimating tool to develop a quote based on different choices of roofing materials to suit your budget. You can also use the tool yourself to estimate material cost.

  • Use it while at the garden store, or while discussing your landscaping with a contractor
    Now you can show which trees, bushes and other plants are near your home, point to where you want to make a change, and get more useful advice about the pros and cons of alternatives.

  • Use it to support an insurance claim
    That tree or branch punched a hole in your roof, or worse. You can't wait to get it fixed. The only way to see most of the situation is from the air, just above the roof. Now you can send detailed images and video simultaneously to a claims adjuster and contractors. 


Typical price for an average-size home is $225 plus travel cost beyond 3 miles from Bayview.  Final price is determined after evaluating your street address with the most recent Google Earth imagery. 


What could be the full cost if you fell from a ladder or the roof?

This roof estimating tool when used with Aerial Whidbey's video+snapshots package can also be used by a contractor (or you) to estimate the cost of materials and labor. No need for the contractor to visit your property to develop a quote.

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