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Modeling a cleared 1-acre property

Where could we place the foundation of our home for the best views and easiest access? Where could the driveway be constructed? Where should we add trees or bushes? Where should the septic system drain field be installed? How can we best work with an architect to finalize a design, get permits, and develop a project plan with estimates?

This 3D geospatial model enables the property owner to work more efficiently with an architect to finalize a design, project plan, estimates and schedule. Additional, periodic models can be superb documentation of progress on the site, and can help to resolve problems during the construction process. The model provides very clear visualization of the site from any physical viewpoint, for all who are involved. Contours and drainage direction arrows indicate those areas where the land may need minor modification. The approximate boundaries of work areas can be easily identified for onsite marking to guide contractor crews.

Project images/videos - select for more details

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