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What happened to the wild salmon? One community's step toward recovering the wild salmon runs

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Do you like salmon? Wild salmon? Affordable salmon? Like a slow-moving horror movie, the wild salmon runs from Alaska to Washington State to California, the Pacific Northwest have been declining. Why? Over-fishing to support a growing world population, habitat destruction through land development, ocean pollution from creosote pilings, and other factors over many decades on our small planet.

One community decided to do what they could do, where they live. Sunlight Shores is a small community with shoreline property along Useless Bay on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound of the Salish Sea. Years ago, creosote-filled pilings, chunks of concrete, and a variety of fill material was placed or dumped along the shore, reducing the natural, healthy habitat for young salmon and other sea life.

Take a brief look at the current condition of the shoreline and nearshore area of Sunlight Shores...

The Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Foundation is the Project Sponsor leading the effort to restore the Sunlight Shores shoreline and nearshore area. For more information, search the Internet with "Sunlight Shores Armor Removal and Nearshore Restoration Island County, Washington".

Imagine what the shoreline will look like over the next few years. Poisonous, ugly material removed. Natural vegetation restored.A nicer place to hang out, have a picnic, see the Eagles and Ospreys catch fish, and watch another beautiful sunset over Useless Bay and Double Bluff. Knowing that a step has been taken to help restore wild salmon runs and other sea life.

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