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Saving rare prairie and savanna ecosystems

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

The Pacific Rim Institute (PRI) conducts controlled burns that are critical for saving and enhancing our rare prairie and savanna ecosystems.

Aerial Whidbey had the pleasure of providing visual documentation of two burns in 2017. I think you will enjoy the videos linked below, particularly the dramatic North Garry Oak savanna burn (fourth video down on this page). Watch the expert crew from CNLM and WADNR as they lay down lines of flame, with sprays of water to ensure that only the intended area is burned. Watch the smoke and flames below as the drone swoops over the area.

Suggestion: The version uploaded to YouTube was 4K resolution. After you tap/click on the video below, use the gear symbol to select the highest resolution available through YouTube.

More information about the Pacific Rim Institute near Coupeville, Washington.

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