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2017 Whidbey Island Triathlon

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

July 29, 2017. A stunning morning on calm Goss Lake for the start of the annual Whidbey Triathlon on beautiful Whidbey Island. The lake was calm, but everyone there was excited for the start. Racers waiting. Kayakers and other supporters watching. Organizers busy. The first wave of swimmers pounds the water toward the first buoy!

Thanks to South Whidbey Parks and Recreation for the opportunity to get experience documenting the race from above.

Check out the Whidbey Triathlon Facebook page, and watch this video of the race start, and this 5-minute video with highlights of the Swim, Bike and Run courses (also shown below; be sure to use the gear icon to increase the YouTube playback resolution).

For more scenes, see:

  1. video taken over Goss Lake before the start

  2. video of a turn in Langley as bike racers head toward the South Whidbey Community Park to hand off to runners

  3. video of bike racers at T2, toward the run course start line

  4. video of the start line of the run course

  5. video of scenes approaching and at the finish line.

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