Monitoring our shoreline environment

Learn more about protecting your home while improving Whidbey and Camano Island shoreline habitat by visiting Island County Planning I Shorelines, or Island County Planning. Do you know which Shoreline Environment Designation applies to your property?

Aerial Whidbey offers clear views of shoreline property to support projects involving:

  • Shoreline buffers and setbacks

  • Designing for drainage and vegetation

  • Removal of a bulkhead, dock or pier

  • Vegetative maintenance for protection and habitat improvement

Get effective visual documentation in videos or images to support a permit request:

  • Shoreline Exemption

  • Shoreline Substantial Development Review

  • Shoreline Conditional Use

  • Shoreline Variance

Consider these options:

  • Before-and-after:  Time-series videos and images to monitor and document change in a property.

  • Real-time:  Current appearance from below 400 feet;  Current events as they happen.

  • Specialty:  

    • Near-infrared NDVI (vegetation monitoring) and other imagery.  

    • Mosaic images to reveal more detail about larger horizontal or vertical areas.