Worried about beach erosion and property damage?

  • Do you have trustworthy evidence that damage has occurred, and will probably increase?

  • Are you prepared to meet with government representatives, consultants and contractors?

  • One Whidbey community has begun annual aerial monitoring to understand what is changing.

  • Now is the time to begin gathering the information that you or your community will need.

  • Aerial Whidbey offers an essential package of annual documentation items:

    • Georeferenced images showing the current state of properties, including damaged structures, reduced shoreline vegetation, and shifted driftwood, sand, sediment.​

      • Georeferenced images provide accurate location information and visual context, which saves time when seeking and working with consultants and contractors.​

    • 3D geospatial models which enable zoom, pan and rotation to see at-risk properties from any angle or viewpoint above ground level.

      • Imagine rotating, panning or zooming an accurate digital model to show any thing from any viewpoint.

      • Imagine pointing to any point on any thing in a model, to know its exact location coordinates (x/y/z).

    • Accurate measurements of locations, distances, areas or volumes to show data about what has moved, decreased or increased.

  • Conversations and meetings about repairs or other mitigation actions can be more efficient and effective when participants are looking at the same images, models and measurement data.

  • Aerial Whidbey's complete system includes an industry-leading, calibrated camera on a programmed drone to record hundreds of nadir images per flight. Images are processed to generate 3D models with accuracy better than 3.00 cm (1.18 inches) in x/y/z axes as referenced to the Washington State Reference Network, year to year.

    • Note: Aerial Whidbey LLC is not a WA State Licensed Surveyor. Informational products provided by Aerial Whidbey LLC may not be used as a basis for legal property documentation unless approved by a Licensed Surveyor.

    • Aerial Whidbey's processes and results are available for confirmation by any Licensed Surveyor.

    • Existing survey monuments can be identified in a 3D model by placement of markers prior to a drone flight.

  • Aerial Whidbey's system can also be used to document and monitor acreage other than shoreline, to support permitting, project planning, estimates, insurance levels, insurance claims and other purposes, for example:

    • Seasonal change in acreage that includes a wetland or other Critical Area;

    • Diseased or damaged trees in a forest tract;

    • Increasing or shifting sediment in a lagoon or tide flat;

    • Changes in estuary flood levels;

    • Winter storm damage.

  • Critical Areas and Reduced Risk:  Drone flights reduce the need to physically traverse an area that is not safe, cannot support a survey monument, or that has been designated as a Critical Area.

  • Emergency Services:  In the event of a significant storm, landslide or earthquake, Aerial Whidbey can provide imagery, models and measurement data to help a community quickly and accurately identify the extent of damage to homes, access roads and vegetation.

  • Late Winter or early Spring is an ideal time to contact Aerial Whidbey and discuss:

    • planning for baseline drone flights at lower tide levels before Summer visitors arrive;

    • contingency planning for emergency services after a storm, landslide or earthquake.

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