Market a real estate property

Compelling yet cost-effective 4K resolution video media for real estate listings, businesses, insurance documentation or your pleasure, including exciting aerial footage, home walkthrough footage as-though-you-were-there, landscaping footage, an appropriate soundtrack, and optional commentary text overlays. Aerial Whidbey has extensive experience programming real drones to move safely and responsibly within property boundaries, close to structures, among tall trees, up/down bluffs or over water.
Example video and more below.

Attract more interest in your Whidbey Island property.

  • Aerial video to demonstrate the setting, views and other features.

  • Eye-level video as though you were walking through the home.

  • Also video as though you were walking around, outside the home.

    • Take your viewers to scenes from a bluff, along a beach, over a dock, up a hillside, through beautiful landscaping or along a path in the woods.​

  • Essential video clips, still images, soundtrack and text, blended for publication on MLS listings and social media platforms. 

  • Longer, entertaining videos to share with family, friends, associates or guests. Consider a series of identical video clips in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

  • Videos and snapshot images to support a potential or pending insurance claim.

  • Recent examples (see listing links, then select the "Virtual Tour")

  • More about showcasing your Whidbey home. 

  • More about marketing beautiful real estate property.​

  • More about high-bluff safety and knowing where it is safe.

  • More about evaluating and monitoring the condition of a bluff.

Aerial videos and images can reduce time on market and support a desired selling price, especially for undeveloped properties. Get scenes that show off shoreline, field or forested areas, buildings, roadways, view corridors and other features of a property.


Aerial Whidbey has many hours of experience launching and landing drones from beaches with trees, from the top of wooded bluffs, and from places with minimal access to the sky (narrow openings among tall trees). If scenes of the property in different seasons is desired, AW's drones can be programmed for autopilot flight and camera control, allowing flights to be repeated in the same way, recording the same scenes, weather permitting.


Since the video below was posted on this website, the property has been sold.

While on site, Aerial Whidbey may acquire additional video clips or still images that can be used to answer questions from potential buyers. See example below.

Want to do more than the minimum?  Showcase your Whidbey Island home.