Inspect your community's water system

When was the last time your community's water tank was inspected for cracks, leaks or other problems? An aerial video can help with planning maintenance work to meet requirements for periodic inspection of the water tank and other components of a community water system.

Community property that includes a water tank, pumphouse, and propane tank are shown in before-and-after videos below. A volunteer team cleared encroaching plants that impede water system inspections. Toward the end of the "before cleanup" video, you can see 360 degrees of view of the watershed uphill, downhill and adjacent to the pumphouse and tank. 

Did you know that some states are now maintaining a "drone service" to encourage water system owners and operators to inspect their systems more often, while reducing the time, cost and risk associated with ladders, cherry-pickers or other equipment?


Similarly, a drone can be used to scan the components of a municipal sewer system.

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