Are you prepared for when you are away from your home?

House fire, storm damage, break-in, vandalism ...

Could you remember what you had? Could you prove it?

Video documentation inside and from above your home is superior to photographs.

Have peace-of-mind while you are away.

Don't put this off to some day. 

Insurance agents say that people talk about taking photos of their stuff, however very few actually do it (and then they neglect to store those photos in a safe place outside of the home). Of those that do, most take just a few snapshots of their most valued objects, or some shaky, hand-held videos. 


Be one of those who understands how comprehensive, high-quality video documentation of entire rooms, hallways, stairs, decks, garages and other places can help you recover from a loss when you are in shock or wondering what to do next.

Why stop at basic visual documentation of your home for insurance purposes?

  • Do you have artwork and other keepsakes that you want to describe for your heirs? Your comments can be added as narration of specific segments of the video file(s).

  • Do you want to entice relatives or friends to visit your home on Whidbey? A cinematic overview of your property from an aerial drone might convince them.


Do I need to clean the house, remove clutter and organize my home? No! This is to help you remember what you had, not to make a movie or be on HGTV. Minimal preparation needed.

Do I need to bring out every thing from closets and drawers? No! Just have your most valuable items in view for a few hours. Close-up snapshots will be taken to supplement the videos.

Here's how we can do this together:

  1. Call Aerial Whidbey:  (206) 659-3151.

  2. We talk on the phone about what you want done.

  3. We meet to walk through your home and outside property.

  4. You identify what you want recorded. Aerial Whidbey can start that day or on a later date.

  5. Aerial Whidbey records smooth, high-quality video clips of the interior of your home, including close-up snapshots. If desired, a drone can be used to document your property from the air.

  6. After the video clips and snapshots are processed, we meet to review the final video file(s). 

  7. We discuss your options for copying, storing or sharing the video file(s).

  8. Now you can be away with less worry, knowing that you took the first step to contact Aerial Whidbey.

Of course all video clips, snapshot images, final videos and our conversations are confidential. You keep what you want to keep (Aerial Whidbey does not retain copies). 

$450 and up depending on the number of buildings, rooms, stairways, special objects, aerial videos and artistic or other requirements. 

Example (recent Aerial Whidbey client):

  • A 2800 sq ft, one-level home with a large outbuilding on several acres.

  • 60 original video clips using a camera dolly;  50 close-in snapshot images.

  • 5 original aerial video clips of buildings, acreage and scenery using a robotic drone.

  • 5 final video files, partitioned for insurance, storage and sharing with family and friends.

  • $650.

What if you get rid of stuff, or acquire new stuff? Just take a snapshot and save the file with your video file(s) by Aerial Whidbey. Or you can arrange for a follow-up to edit your video file(s) to document what's changed. 

A recent review

"We have talked for years about the need to catalogue our belongings in the event of a fire, or a robbery while we are away on a trip or a longer stay. Many years ago my house was robbed and it was difficult to account for all that was taken. We decided to contract with Aerial Whidbey to help us with the process. We have been very happy with the results. John Githens was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. John joined me in a meeting with our insurance agent. The two collaborated on what would be most helpful as documentation for an insurance claim .

John is a skilled videographer. John assessed our home and out buildings. The actual recording was smooth and he used his time efficiently. The resulting video is on a USB drive and stored in our safety deposit box. Videos are also stored on our computers. John also showed us how we can record new purchases and add them to the USB drive.


John is also a licensed drone operator. We contracted with John to video record our home and property. We added a musical background. We now have an amazing video recording of our home from the sky that we share with our family and friends back in the Midwest.  - PW"